The most effective healing takes place in a quite relaxing environment.  Your session is

one-on-one, hands on therapy with a practitioner.

General Treatment.

Therapy length and duration is determined between you and the practitioner.  Factors that influence this are the severity and duration of the pain or limitations you are experiencing.  Based on how your body responds to the initial 3-4 sessions will determine the course and duration of the treatment.  Your treatment program will include MFR and a simple home self-treatment plan.

MFR is particularly effective when sessions are grouped together a close as possible.  Many people receive several MFR treatments within a short time to address a specific concern then receive MFR maintenance sessions every few months.  

Intensive Treatment.

For patients with long standing and chronic symptoms we recommend an intensive prolonged treatment of 6-12 hours of therapy over 4-5 days.  Call or email for more information.

How to Prepare


For Myofascial Release treatments, it is ideal for men to wear loose fitting elastic waist gym shorts or underwear, women should wear either a bra and underwear or sports bra and gym shorts.  This attire allows for the therapist to assess posture and movement, as well as access regions of your body for treatment without the need for draping.


Please do not wear lotions or oils on the day of your initial visit or any subsequent visit thereafter. For effective Myofascial Release Therapy the skin needs to be clean and dry.


What to expect


The first visit entails of a comprehensive review of your medical history followed by a postural and tissue evaluation.  After the evaluation, you will receive hands on treatment and instruction on self-treatment techniques and exercises for home.


Post Session follow up


After Myofascial Release, you may be very energized, uplifted or feel a deep sense of relaxation and may notice immediate shifts in your body.  You may also experience mild muscle soreness, heightened emotional awareness, temporary exacerbation of pain or have a general feeling of malaise.  This is a good sign that your body is releasing.  It is best for you to avoid alcohol or other drugs for the remainder of the day to allow your body to integrate the benefits of the treatment.  If you are able take some quiet time to reflect on the treatment both physically and emotionally that would also be beneficial although not necessary.

See section FAQ'S for more detailed information.